The Early Years Foundation Stage specifies requirements for learning and development and for safeguarding children and promoting their welfare.

We aim to provide a fully inclusive environment where each and every child can experience the full range of activities and learning on offer, regardless of ability, sex, colour, race or religion.

Within the EYFS Framework it is our responsibility to meet individual needs of all children. We are an inclusive setting; our aim is to identify a need at the earliest possible opportunity. We will aspire to adapt our practice, provision and the environment in order to support all children’s learning, development and care needs.

We provide an environment where children learn through play, with more emphasis on the “process” rather than the “end product”. Children are encouraged to make their own choices and are given equal opportunity to experience the best possible start in life, ensuring that by school age they will have established solid foundations on which they can build.

The key worker regularly plans, observes and records your child’s learning journey and development. This information is held in a child’s learning journal and is sent home daily, weekly or termly depending on your requests (discuss this with your assigned keyworker) for you to see and we ask for your input/contribution to the journal. The more things we know about your child’s character and personality the more effective it will be for the child’s key worker to plan during their time at nursery.

Your child will receive progress summary reports every six months; these will be completed by your child’s keyworker and in conjunction with parents during a "get together" session.

Between the ages of 24- 36 months one of the above summaries will also be sent to your child’s Health Visitor as part of the statutory 2 year check. More focused observations may also be completed on various areas of development throughout your child’s time here.

Within the setting each section has a plan of the half term, planning starts with the children’s interests and activities are carried out to support these. We encourage a lot of child initiated play and all staff has great talents in extending this play to its full potential 'children learn by leading their own play, and by taking part in play which is guided by adults'. Play is essential for children, building their confidence as they learn to explore.

Sally is our Early Years Professional - EYP’s will have studied at university to achieve a full degree and then 'specialise' in early years practice. All staff have a sound knowledge of children’s learning and development, Sally’s role is to support staff to implement the EYFS and develop their skills, knowledge and practice, this in turn raises standards throughout the setting improves outcomes for all children.