We have a large secure outdoor space in which we spend a lot of time.

Most of the session can often be spent outdoors in the ‘Wet N Wild’ area, climbing and crawling on our ramp and tunnel area. We also have a ‘Wig Wam’ land which gives children the opportunity to dig, explore and investigate.

There are many more areas in the garden that children have access to including a sensory area and an undercover learning area that the Tiny Tots have free access to. The children in Little Stars have free access to the garden as and when they please with adult supervision. We also have a fire pit in our garden which we use for planned activities for children over 2 years….the children love hot dogs around the fire on bonfire night. Claire Martin holds a Level 4 in Forest School training which covers all outdoor activities.

All children are encouraged to play, explore and get messy!! A messy child is a happy child, We cannot accept children into nursery if they are unable to access the outdoors regularly.