We provide a truly diverse and creative environment that will cater for all children between 0-5 years of age.

Cherubs section (0-2 years / Ratio 1-3)

The main entrance, located on the first floor, leads into our large open plan room specifically designed to cater for our youngest children. A bright, cosy and homely space with a range of exciting, stimulating resources, plenty to explore and occupy inquisitive minds. There is also a separate sleep room on the first floor where the cherub’s children can take daytime naps.

Tiny Tots section (2–3 years / Ratio 1–4)

You will access this area through the garden gate and has its own entrance. It is a large room split into 2 sections with free access to the outdoor undercover area. This lovely space has lots of cosy cushions and limited furniture allowing active toddlers time to explore, investigate and get physical while burning off lots of ‘toddler energy’.

Little Stars section (3–4 years / Ratio 1–8)

Through the garden gate with its own entrance you will find our Little Stars, the oldest of our nursery children. This space has a more structured feel allowing the children to express their own interests and make choices independently. This can be seen through their interactive displays and child initiated activities. Free access to the wonderful outdoors space is very popular and as you can imagine the things the children come up with are quite amazing.

Oasis Room

This ground floor room is used for a variety of activities for all ages including movement and dance, small group work and as a dining room for Tiny Tots and Little Stars.